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So you want to go tiny? Let's get started designing your  space.


All services provided by our five man team are done so with quality and care. With years working in the industry under different capacities, our team of professionals comes together to provide our clientele with the building talent they need for their tiny home. 

The first step forward is to gather up as much inspiration as you can to incorporate in your new home. This is the most fun part of the process aside from delivery day. Once we get a feel for your aesthetic, we ask that you fill out the design checklist below. This is free, and you can get a rough estimate within 24 hours of submission. 

then If you like the rough estimate and want to get designing, we come together and discuss different elements with a phone consultation. From there, we can move onto the formal design process with a deposit of $750. this deposit is to get your 8 hours of design time with our in-house expert, the three dimensional design renderings and a formal line itemization- after you approve of everything presented there, we can start building with a 20% deposit of the total build. ​

Financing options for you


Design ideas 

8x40 Train Car

10x30 The Wilmington 

8x30 The Townshender - 8x24 interior

8x28 Green Grafton