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1233 VT Route 30 Townshend, VT 05353

  (802) 221-4253

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process from design to completion?

Seems like everyone in the industry is looking at leads times over 12 months at the moment. We can get started designing as soon as possible, but the production side of things is booked out a bit- for an up-to-date lead time on when we would be able to complete your tiny home, please call the office and speak to the office manager. The process takes about 20 weeks from the start of the design phase to finishing in production.


Can you tell me how much these cost?

Cost will vary so we recommend that you fill out a design checklist. That is located on the design tab of our website. Also, to see more products, go to the portfolio tab on our website-


What are the price ranges?

If you're looking for a rough number, the design checklist is where you would start. That can be found on our design page, and you can even reference the specific model if you're interested in, or start customizing things you want to implement in your own floor plan. Once we see that come through, we will send you your estimate. THEN, the first step to getting a final quote (with a grand total price) is to place a $750 design deposit to start the process for you to receive the 3D renderings for the tiny house plans, the itemization, and the one on one time with a designer to showcase things you want incorporated into your tiny house model and use the designer as a sounding board.


Do you offer financing?

We can try to help you out with financing by referring you to the New England Federal Credit Union. They are familiar with our company, and have competitive rates to our other lender- Lightstream, (a division of SunTrust bank.) Decent credit is needed in both scenarios. Before you pursue financing, it’s a good idea to go through the design process to be able to give the lender a price you’re looking to finance. I'm interested.


Can you tell me more?

At Roll'en Homes, we build custom elegant tiny homes on wheels. We have so many options below to choose from to meet your design needs. From our elaborate, four season, turn key tiny home, to our portable recreation model, We can custom design a new floorplan to suit your needs. you can also tweak an existing plan to maximize the use of your space. Call us today to learn more.

Do Roll'en Homes Tiny Homes qualify and come with the required RV documentation? 

These projects come with trailer VINs and titles, but no technically speaking it is not called an RV because it does not come with "RV documentation" since these aren't cookie-cutter prefabs, they are custom built individually. I suppose that this is that gray area towns talk about. It's register-able, but not considered an RV due to not having those specific documents. 

Can I see more products?

For more products to view, please visit our portfolio tab on the website:


Do you offer free delivery?

For shipments inside of VT, we DO offer free delivery! (Lucky Vermonters!) For deliveries outside of the green mountain state, there is a charge

What kind of  options do I have for elements in my tiny house? 

Head on over to the design page, fill out that checklist- it tells you about all the selections you can make for each part of your new home. 

Are these four season ready? 

They can be- that will depend on what you want incorporated. We recommend that you select a highly efficient insulation, electrical, plumbing, propane packages, and opt for a heat source that you can comfortable afford to use year round. 

How far do you ship? 

We will ship cross country for a fee. We have yet to leave New England, so those rates have yet to be determined. You can also opt to pick up your tiny house right here at our factory, or arrange your own shipping method. 

Can you get a design that isn't completely finished? I want to do some of the work myself. 

You can get these built to ANY desired production stage. This is a great way to save on up-front cost, but may not actually end up being less expensive. There have been models in the past that our clients have done entire interiors inside- from insulation to putting appliances in. 

Do you give tours of your facility? 

Come by ANYTIME! On weekends, we ask that you make an appointment if you want to see the inside of our facility and tiny homes, since we are only open M-F. The display / production yard is open for folks to walk around any day of the week. Call us today to reserve your official tour slot. 

How do I prepare my site for a tiny house? 

We recommend that you get a 3/4 stone base for drainage, and some of our deliveries required that you have third parties come in and get the mechanical hook ups  installed. The third party doing those should also come back and set up the mechanicals. If there are questions about the mechanicals that need to be addressed, you can contact us and we can walk your third party through what it is we're doing in the project. 


Is there homeowner's insurance on these? 

We have a company called Druke Insurance that we go through, they are in Newfane, VT. Call them to find out more. 

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