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President/Founder/Lead Builder

Owner Greg Durocher became interested in wood working his first year of high school. Shop class was his favorite and it showed. Once out of high school, Greg started a painting business in 2001 called "Durocher Painting". Durocher Painting performed all kinds of different projects- exterior painting/staining, interior painting/staining, floor refinishing, furniture refinishing, and more. With Greg's high interest and skill in woodworking, he started working as a sub contractor for local contractors in his area, building houses frame to finish. Working closely with a few select carpenters, Greg learned quickly and was eager to learn more.

In 2006, Greg was hired as a carpenter/contractor by the new owners of the Townshend Furniture building located in Townshend, VT. At this time Greg began to learn design software, what it takes to manage a crew efficiently in order to redesign and rebuild the old factory.

The new owner of the property was running his own business while the massive renovations took place. The business is Sonic Circus Inc. Sonic Circus sells new and refurbished recording studio equipment. When needed, Greg would be asked to also help restore and even design pieces of recording studio furniture. In 2009, the owner of Sonic Circus started a sister company called Harmonyville Concepts. The sister company designed, built, and installed recording studio's throughout New England. Greg was given the opportunity to design, manage, and control production.

In 2012 Greg started working at Jamaica Cottage Shop Inc. as a carpenter building their sheds and cabins. Greg helped to develop their Tiny Home on wheels line. He built several different models and also designed/built one that became the Cottage Shop's tiny home promotion piece for over two years. After five years with the company, working his way to lead carpenter, Greg left the Cottage Shop in 2017 to start his own Carpentry business "Durocher Carpentry". After over a year with his own Carpentry business, he decided to get back to what he truly loves; building tiny homes.

He moved into the same building that once housed "Townshend Furniture" and began creating and building his dream of Roll'en Homes.

meet the crew
IMG_8883 (1).HEIC


Apprentice/carpenters hand

The shop has continued to look incredible since Lucius walked through our doors in March 2023. Eager to learn and do anything that is required of him from working alongside Leah helping with framing and roofing or helping our electrician drill holes, to sanding floors for the finish department, No matter the task, Lucius goes at it with full gusto and never a complaint! His job can be repetitive some days but Luci comes in everyday ready with conviction and confident that he will grow with us here at Roll’en homes. As we are confident in him!  In the rare chance he’s not working a side job on his days off, in preparation for baby number 1 with his lovely girlfriend, Cara, he enjoys building PCs and playing the occasional game of pool.



lead Finisher

When Bri came to us here at Roll'en Homes back in December '20 she just enveloped the best attitude we could ask for in the position of finisher. She by far is dealing with the most tedious tasks on our team with her days requiring a lot of the same work, but she shows up to work with an all-encompassing joy for what she does. She is the spearhead of "company morale" and we love her for bringing a fresh look to our viewpoints each day. She's a creative painter outside of work and her art has a flow to it that just positively encapsulates who she is as a person. She also enjoys hanging out with her 100lb German Shepherd.

image0 (39).jpeg



Corey shows up each day with the force behind him, eager to start the day with the friendliest upbeat attitude. Known well to the locals from his many years at the Riverbend Market, we managed to bring him aboard in July of ‘22. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Master nerd of all the nerd things, from Star Wars to Marvel, Dc, and anime. Also enjoys the Harry Potter, lord of the rings, and princess bride movies. He likes to spend his time going to Conic-Cons with his girlfriend.

Corey works as a finisher, his jobs requires patience and a good outlook as it is very repetitious and tedious. He continues to blow the team away with his reliability to show up ready to go. Just don’t give him dairy….


image0 (41).jpeg

katie may

finish carpenter

Started the beginning of November ’22. What an amazing addition to the team, as Katie has been in the trade for many years, from site work to finish carpentry. Stepping in to fill some big shoes, she has done an amazing job at jumping right in. Bringing her joy for the craft from the Adirondacks. Her enthusiasm for tiny houses started when she was hired to build one. Came to Roll’en homes with an impeccable attention to detail and creative finish work and has had no troubles fitting right into our tight knit team!
Katie’s free time is taken up by her love of being a mural artist and graphic designer. She’s designed many bands logos and murals all over! She enjoys being one with nature and taking a step out to have a breath of the fresh air in the woods.

image0 (40).jpeg



When Daniel started in September of 2022 he jumped on the learning bandwagon, ready for anything that was thrown at him. Taken under Greg and Leah’s wing and soaking up all the knowledge he can as he wants to be able to build his own tiny home in the future. Know as a jack of all trades, master of none….yet! Jumps around in his daily tasks from sanding, flooring, siding, and roofing. Has been an extraordinary addition to the team and has made the production run as smooth as butter, filling in where ever he is needed.

Vermonter born and raised he spends most his days hanging out with his best bud, Bernard, his handsome 70lb pitbull mix and his family. Has also recently got into renovating campers in hopes to better his craft on his days off. Enjoys diving into Norse Mythology when he find the free time.



Carpenter/lead framer

A couple of years ago, as the company was starting out, Leah was one of the first employees here at Roll'en Homes and she is bringing her best A-game to work each day ever since. Having come around to do some of the best things in the company with the most attention to detail in her interior finishing carpentry work, she's studying in the "mostly-men" field of carpentry under our owner and founder, Greg. Leah is a well traveled person who has deep roots here in VT. She enjoys pastimes in aerial arts, dirt bikes, and she's an avid animal lover. She loves to hang by the river, and she makes a mean charcuterie board. 

OLD SPACE with a new use 


The Vermont Way 

When most people think of Vermont, you may picture a red barn in a snowy field, maple syrup taps, rolling green hills, perhaps ski trails on a mountain side; but what we picture is resourcefulness. Grit. Rugged, hard winters with even harder men to weather them. There are porch bluegrass bands, and waterfalls that only the locals know about. There's also a sense of community that is unmatched anywhere else in the country. In the late 1800s, men would ride the infamous  thirty-six miles of trouble  associated with the "West River Railroad" right to this facility's front doors with cargo in tow. They made a living to feed their families, right here in this old furniture factory. There isn't a Vermont home around that doesn't have a piece of this history sitting in by the hearth. When the factory closed its doors, the valley thought it would be for good, though they were wrong. Greg took on the task of reusing a 200 year old space to create his sustainable dreams in. The old safe from those days is still in the front office, to safeguard our custom plans and blueprints for our prospective clientele. We have what it takes to ensure that your tiny home dream becomes a reality, with the grit to take on challenges and true resourcefulness to ensure you get the most out of your project to boot. 

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