We offer many options to fit both your use of the building and the aesthetics you're looking for.


Trailer size and weight capacity to meet the build requirements.


  • 2”x6” Tongue and groove pine (popular)

  • Laminate floors

  • Hardwood floors



  • Ship lap (rough or smooth)

  • Board and batten 

  • Tongue and groove V-board

  • Novelty or a drop siding

  • Live edge 

  • Shiplap clad board (popular)

  • All of the above in cedar

  • Cedar Shingles

Note: We will also do combinations with any of the above.


Roof systems:

  • Shed roof 

  • Gable roof

  • Gables with dormers 

  • Roll’en Homes signature curved roof. Our curved roof systems have many advantages over standard shed and gable roofs. It’s lighter, it’s stronger, and it’s space saving to name a few.


Note: corrugated metal roofing and standing seem roofing is available in multiple colors and our gables and shed roofs

The curved roof system is covered in a seamless EPDM rubber. (Black or White)

However, standing seam can be done on the curved roofs as well.

Windows and doors:

Windows and doors are placed while putting together a design. We try to get as much natural light as possible in our tiny home builds.



  • Fiberglass

  • Rockwool

  • Spray foam: We use a closed cell stay foam with a R-value of 7 per inch (highly recommended when plumbing is involved.) (popular)


Interior walls and ceiling:

  • Shiplap (rough or smooth)

  • ACX plywood (paint grade)

  • V-board pine 

  • V-board pine and ACX ply with chair rail (Popular)

  • Hardwood veneers (maple, cherry, oak)

  • Combination of any of the above


Custom made Cabinetry:

  • Pine

  • Paint grade ply

  • Hardwood veneer (birch, cherry, maple, oak)

  • Solid hardwood and figured woods (birds eye maple, tiger maple, etc)


Counter tops:

  • Formica Laminate 

  • 2” pine live edge

  • Hardwood veneers (birch, cherry, maple, oak)

  • Butcher block (birch, maple)

  • Solid Hardwood


Custom made furnishings:

  • Fold up tables and benches 

  • Fold up couches

  • Murphy beds

  • Sleeper couches

  • End tables 

  • Entertainment centers

  • Custom raised beds with storage

  • Custom spiral staircases with storage 

  • Cubby stairs 

  • Loft ladders

  • And more



This really depends on client preference.

Gas, electric, Size, stainless, black, white, preferred brand, etc.   


Bathroom fixtures:

  • 32” shower stall

  • 36” shower stall

  • 48” shower with or with out glass doors

  • Full tubs

  • Numerous styles of flushing toilets 

  • Numerous styles of composition toilets 

  • Vanity’s 

  • Washer dryer (stack-able units or combination units)



Bathrooms can be plumbed in many different ways. Like your average home with full plumbing, or more off grind with composting toilets and outdoor showers.



  • Electric

  • Propane wall mount unit

  • Decorative stove (wood, pellet, or propane)

  • Electric mini split unit (heats, and cools)



Water can be installed a few different ways. 

  • Typically off it’s own well or from an adjacent home. (Popular)

  • Gravity style systems can be created on site where the tiny home will be installed. 

  • And there is also the option of catch tanks and holding tanks.


Hot water:

  • Tankless on demand propane(popular)

  • Tankless on demand electric



  • Standard power panels (30,50,60, or 100amps.

  • Solar ( solar is recommended to be installed on site at the location where the tiny home will be installed)


Though these are just some of the options we offer. Some clients may have different materials they’d like us to use and may request such materials to us.


Just the shell option:

We understand budgets better then anyone. Let us design and build the building for you and you can finish the interior yourself. We’ll get the exterior completely done and you can add electrical, plumbing, and finish the inside to your taste and help save a few bucks!.

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