President/Founder/Lead Builder -

Greg Durocher

Owner Greg Durocher became interested in wood working his first year of high school. Shop class was his favorite and it showed. He excelled in class, building beautiful pieces of furniture every year. Greg impressed his shop teacher so much, he began to work after school and weekends with him building high-end furniture and hand-carved violins. Once out of high school, Greg started a painting business in 2001 called "Durocher Painting". Durocher Painting performed all kinds of different projects. Exterior painting/staining, interior painting/staining, floor refinishing, furniture refinishing, and more. After three years successfully running "Durocher Painting", Greg became interested in the construction/carpentry trade and decided to discontinue "Durocher Painting". With Greg's high interest and skill in woodworking, he started working as a sub contractor for local contractors in his area, building houses frame to finish. Working closely with a few select carpenters, Greg learned quickly and was eager to learn more.

In 2006, Greg was hired as a carpenter/contractor by the new owners of the Townshend Furniture building located in Townshend, VT. At this time Greg began to learn design software, what it takes to manage a crew efficiently in order to redesign and rebuild the old factory.

The new owner of the property was running his own business while the massive renovations took place. The business is Sonic Circus inc. Sonic Circus sells new and refurbished recording studio equipment. When needed, Greg would be asked to also help restore and even design pieces of recording studio furniture. In 2009, the owner of Sonic Circus started a sister company called Harmonyville Concepts. The sister company designed, built, and installed recording studio's throughout New England. Greg was given the opportunity to design, manage, and control production. Fall of 2011 business slowed and the company was forced to shut down and Greg was let go.

In 2012 Greg started working at Jamaica Cottage Shop Inc. as a carpenter building their sheds and cabins. Greg helped to develop their Tiny Home on wheels line. He built several different models and also designed/built one that became the Cottage Shop's tiny home promotion piece for over two years. After five years with the company, working his way to lead carpenter, Greg left the Cottage Shop in 2017 to start his own Carpentry business "Durocher Carpentry". After over a year with his own Carpentry business, he decided to get back to what he truly loves; building tiny homes.

He moved into the same building that once housed "Townshend Furniture" and began creating and building his dream of Roll'en Homes.

Our Facility

Roll’en Homes is located at 1233 VT Route 30, in Townshend Vermont. The building is known by locals as the “Townshend Furniture” building. This old factory was once home to a thriving pioneer furniture manufacturing company started late 1950’s owned by the Lott Family. Since then it has taken on new ownership and renovations began in the back section in 2007. The front factory portion has basically sat idle until recently renovated in August 2018.




We have leased almost 6,000 square feet of space at this location which includes a office, two bay garage for our builds under 11’ builds. A 16’ tall single bay for our max height builds of 13’-6”. A spacious 1,800+ foot woodworking shop. The shop will be utilized to build all our custom cabinetry and furniture incorporated into our tiny home builds.

All this space allows us to build in a controlled environment all season long with multiple builds able to happen simultaneously.

The Trailers

Our trailers are supplied from a manufacturer in southern NH. They are custom built and come with their own VIN numbers and are backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

They’re specifically built for tiny home/building applications.

With the trailers being custom built, they can take up to three weeks to arrive at our shop once ordered. There are also times during the year (March-May) where up to a 6 week lead time could be expected depending on the trailer build.

Roll’en Homes is registered dealer of these trailers. We hold the title and the warranty package until signed over to our client. All our trailers require a registration within 15 days upon final payment of purchase.

Our Warranty

Roll’en Homes will offer buyers a 5 year hitch to bumper warranty on all our sold buildings. The trailer will need to be inspected and registered according to the buyers state of residence yearly. However, our warranty also requires a yearly complementary building inspection performed by Roll’en Homes.

Our inspection will consist of:
Structural integrity, roofs, electrical, plumbing, etc. Any naturally occurring issues requiring repair will be 100% covered by Roll’en Homes. Failure to meet our required yearly inspection will void buyers of the warranty.

Owner inflicted damages:
Theses repairs are offered by Roll’en Homes. Repair cost will be estimated in time, and materials. The client will be invoiced accordingly.
Roll’en Homes will not be held responsible to cover the cost of owner inflicted damages.

Roll'en Homes - 1233 VT Route 30, Townshend, VT

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