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Did you know that Airbnb tiny homes are renting out for $60-$100+ a night!
Do you have an attractive piece of property just waiting to give you some added income?

Recreation Model - Interior.jpg

Treat this model just like an RV, they are compatible with campground sites for power, cable, water, and wastewater. 
Simply plug in, sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Starting Retail

Airbnb is a great way to get started. Offer your guests all the comforts of home. The Recreation/Airbnb models can come equipped with power, water, and whatever appliances you’d like to add.
 Their light weight design allows you to use an average 1/2 ton pickup for traveling to your favorite locations.

Recreation Model - Interior 2.jpg

The 8x30
 with Loft

Starting at $62,500

Our largest tow-able model. Built to your specification, the loft adds to the square footage, maximizing your living space.

Tiny Home buying process:

When buying a tiny home, there’s a few things you need to consider.


1- What will be the main of your tiny home?
Will it be set up at your residence? Will you be taking it camping or using it as your seasonal rental at the campground? Or, will you go completely off the grid with it?
All these things will effect how the home gets its plumbing and electrical.


2-What look are you going for?
A rustic look, with lots of natural unfinished woods? A modern look with color and drywall? Or, a little bit of both?
It’s important to have some ideas on what you’d expect the interior to look like. We have lots of ideas, however, everyone has their own taste.


3-A budget.
Tiny homes can be a simple design, as little as 12’ long with little to no home essentials. Or they can have a very elaborate design, be over 24’ long, and have everything your home needs in it,  and more. We are 100% dedicated to working closely with our client during the design process and doing everything we can to stay within budget.

The 8x24

Starting at $38,500

Our 8x24 Model, no loft. 200 total square feet with options!

The Basic Cabin - 8x16

Starting at $22,500

Our 8x16 Basic Cabin Model

The 8x16 Tiny House

Starting at $42,000

Our 8x16 Tiny House Model. Spacious loft

and turn-key interior!

10' Wide Cabin Style Builds

We now offer 10' wide Cabin Style builds to fit

your larger space requirements. Contact us for more details.

The 8x30

Starting at $58,000

Our largest model. Lots of room to have you living comfortably. Maximum size and storage space of a tow-able Tiny House on wheels. (Custom order shown here)

The 8x24 

Starting at $48,000

Our 8x24 Model, no loft. 200 total square feet with lots of options! (Custom order shown here)

The Family

Starting at $68,000
A tiny home for a family of 4.
Full bathroom, full kitchen, living room area, lots and lots of stair storage, washer dryer. Sleep comfortably with two lofts. One with a queen bed, one with two twins. 
This build is 30’ long and has nearly 450 sq’ of living space!
Not so tiny after all!

Turn-Key Tiny Homes

The 14x40 Tiny House

Starting at $62,000

Our 14x40 Tiny House Model.

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